Subscription plans

Trading Portfolios provides three subscription plans: Free, Basic and Pro. Each one offers a set of functionalities that will help traders develop and analyze trading strategies.

You can start using the Free plan, which allows you to upload backtesting and live accounts trade history, and use some of the tools available to verify strategies' performance. To get the free plan, you only need to sign up with a valid email address and start using the tools. Besides strategies reports, you can use the Optimization Analysis tool to help you explore optimization results and select the best parameter set for your strategy. With a free account, you can also build portfolios with up to 20 strategies and check the compound result of these strategies together. It's also possible to verify strategies correlation and the probability of simultaneous trades.

With a Basic subscription, you will have access to additional tools such as Advanced Simulation, Monte Carlo Analysis, Money Management, and Portfolio Allocation. If your expert advisors implement the interface library provided by us, it is also possible to monitor their status and change it as needed. You will be able to build portfolios from backtesting, real accounts, and demo accounts, with up to 100 strategies each. You can also configure the app to send daily and weekly reports with all the trades performed in real and demo accounts. Furthermore, your dashboard will show a summary of the real account results, along with any open positions.

With a Pro subscription, you will have at your disposal a fully-featured multi-strategy Expert Advisor, developed for MetaTrader 5 platform. It will allow you to implement trading ideas and backtest them, generating a sufficient amount of data to support your analysis with Trading Portfolios. Pro subscriptions are not available for purchase yet, but we will let you know as soon as we provide them.

Hotmart, our authorized reseller, will handle all subscription payments. You will have a 7-day unconditional money-back guarantee if you decide to subscribe.

Below you can see a complete comparison table showing all features supported by each subscription plan.

Feature Free Basic
Number of strategies Unlimited Unlimited
Number of portfolios Unlimited Unlimited
Strategies per portfolio 25 Unlimited *
Backtest history
Demo account history
Real account history
Full account history
Optimization analysis
Strategy report
Compare strategies
Advanced simulation
Money management
Monte Carlo analysis
EAs supervision
Portfolio report
Strategies correlation
Portfolio allocation
Account report
Email reports
No advertising
Monthly price U$ 0 / month
Billed monthly at U$ 0
U$ 7 / month
Billed monthly at U$ 7
Quarterly price
(save up to 14%)
U$ 0 / month
Billed quarterly at U$ 0
U$ 6 / month
Billed quarterly at U$ 18
Semesterly price
(save up to 28%)
U$ 0 / month
Billed semesterly at U$ 0
U$ 5 / month
Billed semesterly at U$ 30
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* Some tools may force a limit in the number of strategies in a portfolio for performance reasons. Be aware that portfolios with too many strategies may take a long time to load all historical data.

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