Basic Concepts

Trading Portfolios is an app created to assist traders when developing and monitoring trading strategies. The idea is to concentrate all strategy's trading history in one place, including backtest data, demo account, and real account trades.

You may analyze historical results with a set of tools, which allow the assessment of robustness, risk, and ability to generate profits from strategies. You will find detailed reports, money management simulation, Monte Carlo analysis, and optimization analysis among available tools.

You can create groupings of strategies in Portfolios to evaluate the composite result. Define portfolios arbitrarily, reusing strategies in multiple portfolios. Portfolios can also rely on trading systems executed in markets with different time zones and currencies. The app itself will align trade times to a standard time zone and convert currencies so that users can compare all results equally.

Portfolio composition

You have a dashboard at your disposal, showing the accumulated results in real accounts and some analysis of the available strategies. You can choose results currency in your profile, and the app will convert all profits in the dashboard to this currency.

Use the app to share strategies in discussion groups or social networks, allowing everyone's interactive and straightforward viewing. If you have a website to advertise your expert advisors, you can place a dynamic chart to show your strategies and portfolios' results.

The rest of the documentation will go into detail about each of the available tools.
If you still have any questions, please contact support.

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